Windows that change the house


Our homes are more than just shelter; they are a sanctuary of comfort and aesthetics. Choosing the right products for our living spaces is essential to create an enduring, visually appealing, and functional environment. Modernwindows, crafted from a fusion of wood and aluminum, redefine the essence of windows, transforming houses and allowing for interiors that seamlessly merge with the world outside. These windows unveil breathtaking views, captivating each room with stunning landscapes, irrespective of the time of day or season. In the presence of Modernwindows, relaxation becomes effortless, and life takes on a new dimension as the spectacular world unfolds before our eyes.

Windows: A Transformational Element

The integration of wood and aluminum in the construction of Modernwindows is more than just a design choice. It’s a commitment to durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal. Wood, a timeless material, lends a classic, warm, and natural aura to the interior, while aluminum cladding on the exterior not only ensures protection but also adds a touch of elegance. The synergy of these materials eliminates the need for frequent renovations and guarantees longevity. These windows are engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring prolonged usage without compromising on quality.

Customized Excellence: Comfort, Functionality, and Safety

Modernwooden-aluminum facade windows are bespoke, offering a realm of customization possibilities. This innovative technology marries wood and aluminum to create windows of exceptional durability and strength, allowing for expansive sizes without compromising structural integrity. Equipped with modern systems, these windows inherently possess a high standard of burglary resistance, and this safety level can be further enhanced to RC2 class by incorporating additional anti-burglary measures.

Expanding Horizons with Larger Windows

Modernwindows redefine the concept of windows by offering expansive glazing options. Enabling a novel perspective within the house, these windows invite the surroundings to seamlessly blend with the interior. From HST patio doors spanning 12 meters wide and 2.8 meters high to HST Sky patio doors, which dissolve the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, these windows not only amplify the living space but also allow ample natural light to flood the interiors.

Energy Efficiency in Design

The implementation of energy-saving glass units in Modernwindows optimizes both the view and energy consumption. Available with triple and quadruple glazed packages, these windows boast exceptional thermal insulation coefficients, reaching an impressive Uw = 0.68 W/m2K. Additionally, the large vertical windows aid in passive heating during sunny winter days, naturally warming rooms on the south side, thereby reducing heating requirements during low temperatures.

Modernwindows aren’t just a product; they are an embodiment of innovation, artistry, and functionality, enhancing homes to be safer, more comfortable, and visually striking, providing a transformative experience that harmonizes with the world outside.

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