Roller blinds – much more than just decoration

Roller blinds

In today’s home design landscape, roller blinds for roof windows have become an essential part of window aesthetics. The finishing touches, color schemes, and light management have all contributed to a more deliberate selection of window accessories. While focusing on finding the perfect product, we prioritize their fundamental functions of light regulation and privacy protection.

Precise Light Management

The innovative roller blinds from Newview provide meticulous control over the amount of light entering rooms. Equipped with side guides, these blinds enable the user to stop the roller in any position, allowing for gradual light reduction until desired darkness is achieved. Furthermore, leveraging the structure and color of the blinds, an ambience unique to each room can be created through a play of light, adding depth and character to your living spaces.

Complementary Interior Style

The diverse array of colors, patterns, and structures in Newview roller blinds offers the flexibility to accentuate the character of any interior design style. Whether it’s a minimalist, classic, or bohemian-inspired décor, the wide selection caters to diverse preferences. Pastel shades such as beige or gray harmonize well with subdued interiors, while vibrant colors complement an industrial aesthetic. Material choice, be it a uniform structure, smooth material, or charming pleated design, also plays a significant role in customization.

Why Opt for Newview Roller Blinds?

Newview roller blinds are specifically designed for roof windows, ensuring seamless integration with your existing window structure. The ease of selecting and installing these blinds is an added advantage. There’s no need for complicated measurements—simply refer to the rating plate on the window frame. The precise fit not only ensures ease of installation but also protects the window’s glass and structural elements, guaranteeing no damage that could compromise the window’s warranty.

In line with the GO GREEN philosophy, Newview upholds environmental standards with roller blinds that comply with legal regulations. The ARF and APF models contribute to limiting room heating, emphasizing not only safety but also environmental consciousness. With a commitment to high quality, Newview products assure durability, promising years of reliable service.

Maintenance and Replacement Considerations

While Newview roller blinds are built to be durable, their longevity is influenced by factors like sunlight exposure, usage patterns, and the room environment. Regular care, similar to how windows are maintained, is crucial for ensuring their extended lifespan. Fabrics allowing light to pass through might experience slight fading compared to those that do not. Roller blinds installed in humid spaces might require earlier replacements due to challenging conditions. Signs to watch for include fabric fading, tough-to-remove dirt, or operation-related faults, indicating the need for replacement or repair.

Staying Current with Design Trends

Refresh your interior by updating your window accessories to match your evolving interior design. Newview offers roller blinds in trendy colors, including the Pantone color of the year. Additionally, the ARF Print roller blinds are a customizable option allowing you to design blinds with your own graphics, catering to individual preferences and design aspirations.

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