Independent interior design – a guide

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Are you yearning to revitalize your apartment or looking to spruce up your rented space without extensive renovation? Perhaps the thought of intensive craftsmanship is daunting? Fear not, as even modest changes can profoundly enhance a room’s appearance, breathing new life into its character. Here are simple, swift suggestions to transform your interior without much hassle.

Tidying Up the Space

Before diving into d├ęcor changes, start by tidying up your space. Although typically an afterthought in the renovation process, clearing out unnecessary items allows you to view the room from a fresh perspective. Removing visual clutter makes it easier to assess the areas for potential improvements. This might involve simple changes like acquiring a new couch cover, adding decorative items, repainting walls, or introducing a fresh carpet. The following suggestions are geared towards a complete interior design overhaul, and most tasks can be easily undertaken by you, should you desire.

A Small Change with a Big Impact

The easiest way to transform a room’s character is by updating decorative elements and textiles. A new chandelier, vase, pillows, or curtains can work wonders in a swift room transformation. However, while choosing accessories, consider not just their appearance but also their size and shape. When arranging decorative elements, vary their scale to add depth to the space, lending a contemporary touch. Matching the shape of decorations to the furniture augments harmony within the room. For instance, complement a round coffee table with a circular bowl or a spherical candle, while a rectangular console in the hallway can be adorned with a lamp, a decorative tray, and neatly arranged books or magazines.

Adapt textiles according to the seasons. Soft velvet pillows and curtains suit autumn and winter, while lightweight linen curtains and cotton pillowcases are ideal for the summer. Additionally, a large rug can visually expand a room by hosting some of the furniture pieces.

Revive Old Furniture with DIY

Furniture plays a pivotal role in room transformations. However, investing in an entirely new set might not be necessary. Sometimes, rearranging furniture can create a fresh look. Alternatively, consider changing handles and knobs on cabinet fronts or reupholstering a sofa or bed headboard.

If you seek a larger transformation, consider a DIY renovation before splurging on new furniture. Although it might seem daunting, the satisfaction and results of refurbishing your furniture can be rewarding. Sand off old paint before painting wooden cabinets, whereas MDF-based ones generally require thorough cleaning and degreasing, provided they are not damaged.

Painting Walls and Flooring Makeover

Walls and floors are the backdrop to your interior design and significantly influence the overall aesthetics. Painting walls is a relatively simple task; you’ll need the right tools, paint, and potentially a primer. Wallpapering, installing modern blinds, or adding decorative plaster may require more skill. While wall work is within reach for most, flooring replacement is a fear for many DIY enthusiasts. However, choosing vinyl planks can simplify this process.

Benefits of Vinyl Planks

Vinyl floors offer a quick and straightforward way to transform your space, often eliminating the need to remove the old subfloor. Some models come with an integrated backing, ensuring acoustic comfort and water resistance without requiring additional insulation. Panels with a snap-lock mechanism allow for easy installation in various patterns, from the classic arrangement to the trendy herringbone design. These versatile floors, from wood imitations to realistic stone or concrete representations, effortlessly blend with any interior style, and are suitable for use in challenging areas like bathrooms.

Small changes in interior design can infuse vitality and a sense of freshness. Whether changing accessories, rearranging furniture, or embarking on extensive renovations, consider not just current trends but also your personal preferences and lifestyle. This approach will help create a lasting, comfortable interior you’ll always cherish.

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