Greys, wood and Moroccan tiles: a recipe for an original apartment


Exploring Scandinavian real estate agencies often unveils a treasure trove of inspiring interiors, predominantly decked in the quintessential white hues of Nordic design. However, at times, these spaces surprise with unique and unexpected arrangements. Courtesy of the Swedish agency Alvhem, let’s take a captivating tour through an original apartment nestled in the heart of Gothenburg.

Nestled on the first floor of a century-old, five-story tenement house, this 67-square-meter apartment presents a unique layout, encompassing a small hall, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and a separate toilet. Intriguingly, the kitchen stands out as the largest space, serving as the heartbeat of the home. Let’s delve into the distinctive characteristics of each room.

Apartment Interior Design

Commencing in the small hall, walls painted in a sophisticated dark gray tone set the stage, while black and white Moroccan-patterned tiles grace the floor. The same tiles extend into the adjacent toilet, creating a seamless visual link. Notably, the toilet walls boast intricate hand-painted French wallpapers, adding an exquisite touch of artistry.

The living room, though modest in size, exudes an eclectic charm. Adorned with a large, inviting white sofa adorned with patterned pillows, the space features two sturdy wooden chairs, an oriental carpet, and an elegant coffee table crowned with a marble top. The room hosts an array of paintings, with a striking piece portraying a resting monkey leaning against vibrant pillows, enhancing the room’s visual allure.

Across the hall, the bedroom boasts an intriguing window design. Departing from the conventional dark floorboards, the space embraces light parquet flooring. An intriguing blend of seemingly mismatched patterns creates an overall aesthetic that is uniquely charming and harmonious.

Undoubtedly the heart of the apartment, the expansive kitchen presents a captivating interplay of elements. Dark floors and gray walls harmonize with complementing dark furniture, contrasted by light, elongated tiles gracing the area above the stove and marble countertops. Positioned at the room’s core, a wooden table paired with four chairs beckons gatherings and culinary creations. Additionally, the window sill cleverly doubles as a comfortable seat, amplifying the cozy atmosphere. The stunning interior is further enhanced by copper lighting, adding an elegant touch to the space.

This exquisite apartment, courtesy of Alvhem, presents an eclectic fusion of Nordic design elements, artistic flourishes, and functional spaces, portraying the distinct allure of Scandinavian interiors.

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